The project

The first world tour aboard an electric car powered by solar energy; 30000 km in over 6 months across 15 countries.

The purpose of our project is to demonstrate to the great public the extraordinary potential of electric cars which, when paired with a solar based system, acquire an additional value compared to traditional fossil fuel based mobility.

It is a pioneering tour with the aim of informing people about environmentally friendly solutions, highlighting the benefit of electric mobility and boosting the automotive sector. 

Electric cars and photovoltaic energy are two types of technology which are well consolidated and, when combined, work towards reducing our future problems with mobility. Our initiative to demonstrate the great value of this perfect combination is to start the first world tour aboard an electric car powered by solar energy

Through this venture we would like to eradicate once and for all the prejudice that is slowing down the move towards an eco-compatible model of mobility.  The technology mentioned above is advanced and ready to be used straight away.

The idea is to create a mobile solar charging station through an equipped commercial vehicle (CV) that, when necessary, can expose its solar panels to allow the car to charge. The commercial vehicle will run close to the electric vehicle (EV) in order to provide energy when needed.

The project has been planned down to the smallest  details to reach the maximum efficency from the mobile solar charging system. It will be developed using the best devices on the market and designed in accordance with the best practices,

In this way we will be able to simulate the fact that if there were a reasonable amount of public charging points, it would be possible to go anywhere using an electric vehicle currently on the market. It is therefore our intention to demonstrate that photovoltaic technology is perfectly capable of charging an electric vehicle, thus drastically reducing the emissions of traditional mobility.

The Journey

A planetary journey that is aiming to pass through over 15 countries in 6 months, for an estimated total of 30000kms. The numerous stops will allow us to promote our initiative and technology, meet with our partners and our sponsors, interact and deepen knowledge of different local cultures which are making a difference for the green economy.

The crew will be made up of at least three people. These people are necessary for the correct operation of the charging station as well as driving the car. Furthermore, we expect there to be a press agent on board who will take care of communications and content management required to held wide appeal to general public.

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